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Downpatrick Courthouse

Downpatrick Courthouse



As you begin to walk down English Street, you will see the Courthouse on your left, originally built in 1735 by Hugh Darling of Dublin on Sessions House Hill. It had two court rooms, one for Crown business and one for civil business.

Near the entrance in two arches were placed lead statues of Justice, holding scales, and Plenty, holding a sheaf of corn. The statues now stand on the parapet above.

In the centre of the parapet you can see the Coat of Arms of George II, who was king in 1735. The Courthouse was enlarged and improved in 1834, but burnt down in 1855 with the loss of many records. After the fire, it was rebuilt by George Stockdale, a local builder and in 1857 a 130-yard long tunnel was excavated from the cells to the basement of the gatehouse of the ‘New’ Gaol, now part of Down High School.

The Courthouse was most recently renovated between 1988–1991.


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